Our Expertise Leads to Success

As a leading medical device distributor in the Thai market, Medical Worldtech excels in building partnerships. MW is dedicated to working closely along side international device manufacturers and the Thai medical community to bring advance medical technology to Thailand for the ultimate good and benefit for patients of Thailand.


Our customers consist of top tier medical schools, private and public hospitals in Thailand. We offer our customers the most comprehensive pre and post sales services. In addition, we offer our suppliers great networking potential and unprecedented access to the highly competitive Thai medical market.

Synergy and strength are the core of Medical Worldtech. Our expert leadership and working team is committed to innovation and advancement of medical products in the Thai medical society. We understand the keen needs of everyone involved in the process and are dedicated to doing our very best to enhance the quality of life for the Thai patient population.

We thank you and look forward to forging a strong partnership together


Our mission is to help Thailand’s patient population by providing Thai medical professionals and institutions with the latest in advanced medical technology to make diagnostics and treatment easier for both physicians and patients. We are a socially responsible company that values and upholds strong business relationships for medical superiority in Thailand.