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Young Executive CEO with a passion of penetrating the challenging Thailand healthcare market to bring advanced technology for the ultimate good and benefit for Thai patients.

Founded Medical Worldtech since his BBA graduation, which he is currently privileged to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Medical Worldtech and Board of Director.

Supiya hold a BBA from Chulalongkorn University majoring Banking and Finance where he experienced how to deal with risk and return of business environments in different situations.
Also, he has been dedicated to working closely alongside international device manufacturers in US and the Thai medical community since 2005 when he was just a BBA student.

While working as CEO of Medical Worldtech, we are a socially responsible company that values and upholds strong business relationships for medical superiority in Thailand. Medical WorldTech adheres strictly to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) to ensure ethical business dealings with all partners.



Hanchai’s professional work experiences has not been started when graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2003 only as he always has an opportunity in pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry in a form of family business since he was young.   Hence, there’s no doubt that he has got clearly knowledge and insight understanding in the medical and healthcare business field

 In accordance with selecting the workplace in Alphavet Company Limited, which is a Thai’s medium-sized company making annual sale volume at approximately 200 million baht regarding animal or veterinary medical supplies and product importing, he could learn all operational systems from becoming a sales representative until finally promoted as a position of sales manager.

Afterwards, he has altered himself and fully turn to this business again as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to build a leading company in the field of medical healthcare making occupational stability and continuously forwarding growths.