Renaissance Robotics Products


Maximise Confidence. Enhance Capabilities.
Bring your plan to life.


Demonstrated over 98% accuracy and superiority over free-hand

  • Trending towards higher accuracy when compared to navigation
  • Presents clear surgical advantages in MIS and deformity cases
  • An innovative surgical technique that differentiates your practice
  • Proven reduction in adverse events compared to free-hand
  • Significant reduction in fluoroscopy exposure


Be at the forefront of spinal surgery

  • Increase patient demand with a unique technology
  • Shorter length of stay, reduced reoperations and optimal clinical outcomes may enhance your efficiency and capacity
  • Improved workplace safety for your clinical staff and patients through reduced X-ray exposure
  • Over 70 hospitals worldwide are already taking advantage of the distinctive benefits offered by Renaissance™


Benefit from improved safety and recovery

  • Fewer complications and surgical revisions
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced postoperative pain
  • No reported cases of permanent nerve damage